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Mon Sep 24 21:26:40 BST 2018

On 25/09/2018, Bret Busby <bret.busby at> wrote:
> On 25/09/2018, Harriet Bazley <lists at> wrote:
>> On 21 Sep 2018 as I do recall,
>>           Bret Busby  wrote:
>> [snip]
>>> 1. with displayed images, when clicked with the non-dominant mouse
>>> button, some other browsers include two options that NetSurf does not
>>> include, in the menu that is thence displayed; "Open image in new tab
>>> (and, some other browsers also have "Open image in new window")", and,
>>> "Save image as.."
>> I don't know about Linux, but the RISC OS version offers all those
>> options
>> via the normal context-sensitive menu: bring up the menu over an image,
>> and
>> the second entry on the menu ('Object') offers the submenu options of
>> Save
>> (original image), Export (in native RISC OS graphics format), Save
>> location
>> (in various formats) and Reload [image].
>> (Do the same thing over an HTML link and the Object submenu offers a
>> different series of options....)
>> I don't think there is a menu/key option to open one image on a page in
>> an
>> individual new window, but under RISC OS using the Save option to drop
>> the
>> image back into a Netsurf window or its iconbar icon (or any other image
>> display application) has this effect anyway.
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> Which version is that?
> The version that I am running, is 3.2, which, as I believe that I have
> previously mentioned, is the latest version provided in the Ubuntu
> Linux packages respositories, for Ubuntu Linux v16.04.x .
> RISC OS sems to have vdifferent versions and fubxctionalities of NetSurf.

Sorry - my last line above, should have been

" RISC OS seems to have different versions and functionalities of NetSurf."

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