Getting the fb frontend to work

Peter Young pnyoung at
Wed Sep 19 18:36:55 BST 2018

On 19 Sep 2018  Cág <ca6c at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,

> After successfully compiling Netsurf with the framebuffer frontend on
> NetBSD (it required a patch for the Makefile, attaching it, please
> consider merging it), it doesn't start with either "The sdl surface is
> not available from libnsfb" if run without arguments other than -v, and
> "The x surface is not available..." if run with `-f x`.

> Do I need to install some additional software, or link it with
> something else (I built it with pkgsrc; if you miss an
> `.include <>`, you can run into a problem; currently
> there are gperf, librsvg, lcms, openssl, curl, libxml2, and mng
> included).

> The version is 3.8.

Was this meant for the developers' list? I think it wouldn't men anything 
to a lot of the ordinary people here.

Best wishes,


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