launching a PDF from a link

Richard Porter ricp at
Thu Jun 28 14:40:23 BST 2018

On 28 Jun 2018 Jim Nagel  wrote:

> When you click the link for a Jpeg (or various other types of file),
> the file opens immediately.  Why does PDF behave differently?  What is
> the mechanism involved?

I think that offering a save dialogue is the norm. Netsurf processes JPEG, 
GIF and PNG files itself, plus html and text of course, so there's no need 
to save them.

> And why does the PDF link cause BOTH the download dialogue AND a blank
> web page to appear?

It doesn't unless there's a target="_new" argument or equivalent and 
you've got "Allow links to open in new windows" ticked in Choices > 


It's different if you click on an html link in Messenger Pro. In that case 
NetSurf always opens a new window and then decides what to do. I raised a 
feature request about this ages ago, but to no avail.

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