Forcing website menus to reveal themselves

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Fri Feb 23 14:27:20 GMT 2018

Richard Ashbery  wrote on 23 Feb:
> Is there any way of showing Javascript driven drop-down menus?

Try inspecting the code of the site (in Netsurf press F8) in a text 
editor.  Search for a unique-ish word that is used in one of the 

You might find a bunch of <li> stuff matching all the menu words to a 
specific URL within the site, including the menu words that would 
appear as a drop-down in the mainstream browsers.

I recently found this to be the case in one site I use a lot, so I 
concocted myself a little "menu-bypass.html" page that takes me direct 
to any page I want.

(PS:  If this works for you, howbout writing it up as a hint&tip for 

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