linking to root of website, not root of drive

Tim Hill tim at
Mon Feb 19 18:48:53 GMT 2018

In article <56ccec687fJohnRW at>, John Williams
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> PS and yes, it is actually RISC OS, not RiscOS with its pseudo
> camel-case. Editor should have spotted that one!

The confusion of Risc<half space>PC and RISC OS is not a new phenomenon
just as WebJames is often called Webjames.

How about "doubleclicking" Vs double-clicking?

None of the meaning is lost in what was written and while I too like to
get things OCD-right, I think we can leave enforcement to trademark

Where's that old spelling I used to use in these cases. Oh yes!

The new Welsh operating system, rhisck/oH.eSs

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