linking to root of website, not root of drive

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Mon Feb 19 16:24:54 GMT 2018

Richard Porter  wrote on 19 Feb:

> I have the same problem. I'm running WebJames with its root directory
> as the directory containing my web sites. That means that "/" on the
> local site takes me back to the top level and not the root of the site
> I want.

Eureka!  I tried setting a system variable in 
Choices.Webjames.Attributes, on the DocumentRoot line and Webjames 
happily served it.  So in that attributes file I now have

     DocumentRoot <webjames-thissite$dir>

and in the root directory of each of my sites I now have an obeyfile 
called   !!hey-Webjames  (the plings to put it at the top) containing

     set webjames-thissite$dir <obey$dir>
     filer_run SSD.$.Network.Servers.!Webjames
                 (your pathname might differ)

Put a copy of the identical obeyfile into the root of each site.

So when I want to point Webjames at a single specific local site, 
simply doubleclick !!hey-Webjames in that site's root directory.
In Netsurf's URL bar type just "localhost" and Webjames serves it.

(Webjames doesn't seem to mind the apparently repeated filer_run line 
when it has already been running for a previous site.)

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