linking to root of website, not root of drive

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Mon Feb 19 15:46:41 GMT 2018

Michael Drake  wrote on 19 Feb:
> Use a webserver to serve the root directory of the web
> site you're developing, and point your browser at
> http://localhost/    I believe WebJames can do this on RISC OS.

Thanks.  I've now got Webjames successfully serving local pages, and 
obeying those "absolute" links -- /logo.gif and /paper.jpg (the 
background pattern) which appear on every page of the site.

I have also discovered that simply putting  favicon.ico  in the root 
directory causes that icon to appear beside the URL automagically:  
absolutely no extra code at all is required in the HTML.

One problem still has me scratching my head:
  - Netsurf displays the pages served up via Webjames perfectly, 
except that it is NOT obeying the stylesheet (which is  /2018.css ) 
even though the Webjames log records a GET success for the CSS file 
just as it did for the logo and paper and favicon.
  - Yet when Netsurf fetches the identical page from my ISP's server, 
it DOES obey the CSS.

Same problem for pages farther out the directory tree.  All pages now 
specify  /2018.css  in handy "absolute" shortform.

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