linking to root of website, not root of drive

Richard Porter ricp at
Mon Feb 19 15:34:25 GMT 2018

On 19 Feb 2018 Jim Nagel  wrote:

> Is there a way around this?  Is there some setting I would need to
> make in Netsurf to define what I mean by "/" as root?  (Presumably
> there is such a setting in my ISP's software, for I am not being taken
> to the root of their drive!)

I have the same problem. I'm running WebJames with its root directory 
as the directory containing my web sites. That means that "/" on the 
local site takes me back to the top level and not the root of the site 
I want.

Therefore all my links are relative if possible and links are explicit 
i.e. the index file is /index.html rather than /. The only places 
where relative links don't work are in error and acknowledgement pages 
which could be invoked from different levels of the hierarchy. These 
are addressed relative to the root i.e. /something and I put up with 
them not working on the local sites.

The other exceptions are in mouseover stuff for drop-down menus where 
they're not going to work in NetSurf anyway, and in data files for 
scripts for the same reason. For html forms I use absolute addresses.

I'm afraid that's just a workaround rather than a solution. I don't 
think your ISP's software comes into it unless your ISP is also your 
hosting company. Normally your web site will be loaded into 
public_html on the server and your ftp parameters should reflect this, 
so public_html is your root directory. I suppose you could push the 
site down a level to match your local setup and then have redirects 
for any links that go to the top level by default but I haven't tried 

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