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Jim Nagel netsurf at
Mon Feb 5 16:02:45 GMT 2018

Jim Nagel  wrote on 5 Feb:
> ... Until a week or two ago (last time I needed it) the BT Phonebook
> worked fine in Netsurf.  The new design is in the
> big-boxes-on-mostly-blank-page style that seems the current fashion
> (e.g. the pages). ...

Hmmm, I thought the new design was giving me no result when I search, 
but rather just redisplaying the same page.

However, I again searched for my own home phone number, scrolled way 
down the page, and there it was.

Tried again, searching for the person I actually want to find, scroll 
down, it's blank.  Scroll some more, and suspect I saw a snippet of 
text.  Did Ctrl-A, and, aha, it must have been white text on a white 
background, for I now see text saying the number is ex-directory.


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