bad linebreaks

Jim Nagel netsurf at
Fri Apr 27 17:33:38 BST 2018

I raised a report on the bug-tracker about really bad linebreaks that 
Netsurf sometimes commits.

This isn't a new thing.  I'm using #4316 but fault has existed since 
many many versions ago and as far as I know has never been reported.

My theory is that the Netsurf code thinks it's OK to start a new line 
when text reaches nearly the edge of the frame and that it can perform 
the break not only at a wordspace but also at an HTML tag, i.e. at "<" 
or ">" or "&xxx;".  (Hmm, what about &nbsp; ?)

You too often see a word like "John&rsquo;s" with the apostrophe-s or 
just the -s on the next line.  Or a split in the middle of something 
like "<i>x</i><sup>2</sup>=4<i>y</i>".  Or "(<a href=...> blabla</a>)" 
can leave the opening or closing parenthesis on a different line.  Or 

It obviously depends on the width of the window, so you might have to 
drag the width to see it happen (presuming of course that it's not a 
fixed-width page).  Try a news page from as 
an example.

Anybody concur with me?

Jim Nagel                  

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