Netsurf Disc Cache

Martin Avison netsurf at
Fri Apr 27 11:29:26 BST 2018

I know from previous posts that using the Netsurf v3.7 disc cache on my
Iyonix running RISC OS is probably not improving performance, depending
on how low my internet speed is. I am using it to gain experience in the
hope that newer, faster hardware will bring some performance benefits.

After running with a Disc cache of 500MB and expiry of 30 days for about
2 years it was holding around 6,000 files using about 580MB. Old unused
files are being deleted, so these numbers seem stable and acceptable. 

But it was using 45,000 directories ... 23,000 of which were empty (or
just contained other empty directories) occupying 45MB of disc space.  I
realise these figures are small on today's large discs, but I am still
concerned that there is no 'clean up' process for unused empty
directories, so they will just grow and grow.

Earlier this month I deleted all empty directories, with no problems.

If anyone wants to try my small program which produces file and directory
statistics for the disc cache, plus an obey file which if run will delete
all empty directories, please email me.


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