URL crashes Netsurf

Brian bbailey at argonet.co.uk
Sat Apr 14 13:41:51 BST 2018

In article <56e87f0c06bbailey at argonet.co.uk>, Brian
<bbailey at argonet.co.uk> wrote:
> In article <56e81c01ccLists at Torrens.org>, Richard Torrens (lists)
>    <Lists at Torrens.org> wrote:
> > This URL

> > www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com/uk

> > causes Netsurf to totally crash on the ARMX6 with 5.23 (18-Feb-18). 

> > The crash is total, no log file, Alt-Brk does nothing. Ctrl-Brk does
> > do a reset.

> > Does it happen to anyone else?

> No, not here. VRPC 4.02.

Well, it does now!

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