LibCSS: Flexbox property support review

Tim Hill tim at
Sat Sep 30 21:05:08 BST 2017

In article <0a012258-3662-78c0-93ca-5dac0982be36 at>,
   Michael Drake <tlsa at> wrote:
> Hello,

> This is a review of the lcneves/flexbox-tidy branch.


This is great news even though I suspect you didn't mean to post it to
'users' :).

I use flex containers a lot to allow blobs of content to flow to fit
mobile to desktop sizes and I became so wound up by NetSurf's inability
to render flex on my own screen, I implemented browser detection and you
can guess what netsurf-style/css is for: it uses display:inline-block
instead of display:flex and while that does the job after a fashion, it's
not quite as pretty. No vertical alignment and no 'intelligent'
distribution across the page.

Will my browser detection please be able to notice a version number
change when flex is added? Otherwise NetSurf users (okay, probably only
me) will be stuck with inline blocks.


Tim Hill : : : :

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