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Thu Oct 26 18:38:53 BST 2017

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   Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:
> Richard Torrens (lists) wrote on 26 Oct:
> > ... screen shot at
> > NetSurf is correctly using the <noscript><div> option but these don't
> > work properly. This on ARMX6 with  NS 3.7 (Dev CI #4207)

> Here on #4204 I can't get the Contacts page that you show in the 
> screenshot.  You must have got a dropdown from the "About us" button 
> (or somewhere) that I don't get here.

I had previously done a Qwant site search 
and must have picked this page out of the history.

BTW: Qwant is a French search engine and is well worth investigating. I
have it set as Home page.

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