SVG image support on Netsurf 4088.

Tim Hill tim at
Wed May 31 14:53:52 BST 2017

In article <45F26A2B-4587-4F06-A4C7-DF5419CFB850 at>, Tim
Powys-Lybbe <tim at> wrote:
> Another minor problem with Netsurf: Thick lines on a vector image saved
> as a SVG file are displayed by Netsurf as lines of probably zero
> thickness, around a pixel wide.

> I have put a thick lined square here:
> <>

It's here, really:    ;-)

stroke-width="n" in <rect> seems to be ignored.

Perhaps use a rectangle within a rectangle and background colours to
create the same effect as a thick line?

Turns out that using styles in the svg file does work. The one on the
left is two rectangles, the pink one is a thick line. Created with
Inkscape in the pee sea.


Tim Hill : : : :

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