info panel remains blank

Dave Higton dave at
Sun May 28 11:54:51 BST 2017

In message <521d004356.jim at>
          Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:

>In recent builds* of Netsurf, the info line at bottom left of main 
>window stays blank.  In the past, it usefully showed the target URL 
>when the pointer was over a link in the main window.
>Is this change of behaviour intentional? Or perhaps a line of code has 
>been overlooked in the revision process?
>Anybody else noticed the same thing, or is it just me?
>* #4085 and #4088  -- here on Armini Ro 5.22 and ArmX6 5.23.

Works for me; CI #4088, RO 5.23 (12-Apr-17), BBxM.  Just tested
on NetSurf's home page.


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