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Dave Higton dave at
Fri May 5 19:56:20 BST 2017

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          Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:

>I notice that the input focus -- often but not always -- goes to 
>Netsurf when I click on a link in an email that opens a web page.
>This was not the case until fairly recently*.  The input focus always 
>used to remain with the email window.
>Is this the result of a deliberate change in Netsurf, or is it just a 
>fluke of some sort?
>Not a serious problem, just that I have to consciously change some of 
>my habitual keystrokes in a repetitive chore that I do.
>(* I first noticed the different input-focus behaviour with Netsurf 
>#4001 and now #4085.  In my previous versions (#3955 and back), 
>Netsurf did not take the input focus till I explicitly clicked in its 
>window.  Throughout this period, my email software has had no update.)
>Using Ro 5.23 on ArmX6, Ro 5.22 on Armini (Beagle).

I've just been experimenting.  BBxM, RO 5.23 (12 Apr 17), MPRO 7.08,
NS CI #4085.  Some links don't take the input focus, some do.  At the
moment it's just an observation; I haven't looked at the email source
to see if I can discern any difference.  For any given link, I think
the result has been consistent.


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