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Brian Jordan brian.jordan9 at
Fri May 5 16:10:16 BST 2017

In article <4b8d703756.jim at>,
   Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:
> I notice that the input focus -- often but not always -- goes to 
> Netsurf when I click on a link in an email that opens a web page.

> This was not the case until fairly recently*.  The input focus always 
> used to remain with the email window.


> Using Ro 5.23 on ArmX6, Ro 5.22 on Armini (Beagle).

I confess to not having noted this as a change but I can confirm that as
of now (using Netsurf #4085) the behaviour here is as Jim has described.
A click on the Archive magazine link in the Pluto article viewer which
has the input focus opens the web page in Netsurf and the Netsurf window
gains the input focus.


Brian Jordan
Virtual RPC-AdjustSA on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
RISC OS 6.20

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