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Tue May 2 12:05:24 BST 2017

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   Michael Drake <michael.drake at> wrote:

> Over the past few weeks I've been able to spend time
> contributing to open-source projects at work.

> Codethink [1] values open-source software, and so I
> was approved to work on NetSurf and related components
> while I was between projects.  I'd like to thank
> Codethink for this opportunity, which I very much
> value and appreciate.

> What follows is a summary of the development I've been
> able to accomplish during this time.

> [1]

[Snip masses of changes]

Great job! 

Sometimes I have no choice but to write pages where some CSS/JS defeats
NetSurf and while I try to make them degrade gracefully, this isn't
always true where I have lifted code from others but this page has now
sprung into legibility thanks to your hard work.

Text and objects are no longer rendered outside the DIVs. Hurrah!

Must buy that man several pints. 



Tim Hill : : : :

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