Submit button

Peter Slegg p.slegg at
Sun Mar 5 11:25:18 GMT 2017

I was sent an online survey and the form looks ok but there
is no submit button:

Is this not supported ?

<div class="fb-footer fb-item-alignment-center" id="fb-submit-button-div"
  style="min-height: 1px;">
    <input class="fb-button-special fb_cond_applied" id="fb-submit-button"
    style="background-image:url('survey/theme/default/images/btn_submit.png');" type="submit"
    data-regular="" data-valign="top" value="Submit" />
  <input name="fb_form_custom_html" type="hidden" />
  <input name="fb_form_embedded" type="hidden" />
  <input name="fb_js_enable" id="fb_js_enable" type="hidden" />
  <input name="fb_url_embedded" id="fb_url_embedded" type="hidden" />


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