NetSurf failing at startup

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Mon Jul 10 10:27:38 BST 2017

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> I accept this might be "bad form" to post it here but I think this might
> be specific to my setup. NetSurf crashes out when attempting to load for
> the first time, even after a complete computer switch-off and re-start.
> All other programs seem to be running normally.

> Kinetic RPC, RO 4.39

Problem now solved. This started two days ago and I sat and thought what I
had done that could cause a problem. I had installed some free fonts
provided by Mathew Phillips, FreeMono, FreeSans and FreeSerif.

After I had removed these (FreeMono required a shutdown and Shift power-up
to avoid the computer running !Boot) all seems to be back to normal. It
would seem that FreeMono was the culprit.

Stuart Winsor

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