RESOLVED: [Was] Netsurf inconsistent behaviour between RISC OS 5.23 and 6.20

Tim Hill tim at
Wed Jan 25 08:55:39 GMT 2017

In article <5603a241a4brian.jordan9 at>, Brian Jordan
<brian.jordan9 at> wrote:


> I suspect two versions of the relevant style sheet were
> being stored and that one was invoked when I loaded the online version
> of the site and the other when I loaded the local version. 


There's that 'thing' when changes have been made to a stylesheet but a
browser doesn't load it because it already has the old one. Which is what
may have happened here. To prevent it, have something like this in your

<link type="text/css" rel="StyleSheet" href="style.css?version=latest" />

Appending any fake variable to the URL forces it to be loaded every time
the page is viewed and not just when the browser feels like it.


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