Netsurf inconsistent behaviour between RISC OS 5.23 and 6.20

Michael Drake michael.drake at
Tue Jan 24 09:30:12 GMT 2017

On 24/01/17 00:42, Brian Jordan wrote:
> The home page of has a news area in the lower part.
> It is intended that this is a scrolling <div> and in all mainstream
> browsers I have tried this is the case [1]. it is also the case in
> NetSurf #3966 running under RISC OS 5.23 on my Raspberry Pi. However,
> using the same browser to view the same page on this emulator with RISC
> OS Select 6.20 the <div> overflows.

It might be a difference in config on the two systems.  Try visiting the
URL "about:config" on the two systems, and look for any difference in
the options marked as having "user" provenance.

Either that, or you might have a user stylesheet on the system causing
the problem.



Michael Drake                    

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