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Chris Young chris.young at
Sun Feb 12 14:47:53 GMT 2017

On Sun, 12 Feb 2017 13:48:31 GMT, Dave Higton wrote:

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>           Peter Slegg <p.slegg at> wrote:
> >The Atari Freemint OS moved to github and they posted this link to
> >an Issue:
> >
> >
> >
> >When I open it with NS, it downloads about 14k in about 3-4mins but
> >then shows the error below and crashes out.

This is an odd one.  I suspect that error is due to NetSurf processing
an incomplete file, as the slow speed suggests it may not have
downloaded fully (NetSurf should recognise this and you'd get a
timeout error, so not sure why that isn't happening)

I tested here on the closest thing I have to the Atari build - the
Amiga version built for OS3/68k.  This also has problems, it gets as
far as fetching, processing and then the entire computer locks up.
The Amiga build for OS4/PPC works fine.  This suggests that there may
be some 68k-specific problem in NetSurf or one of the libraries we

I've been playing around with a 68k optimised version of OpenSSL
and I get slightly different behaviour with the non-optimised version.
This may point to OpenSSL being the problem, or it could be an
illegal memory access somewhere where the slight change in where code
is located is enough to make it crash rather than freeze. I don't know
how to go about debugging this.

> I just tried it on CI#3984 on RISC OS.  The page loads reasonably
> quickly and there's no crash.  The only problem I see is that the
> text within <code></code> tags is rendered as black rectangles,
> with no visible or selectable text.

On OS4 I'm getting dark grey text (probably a quirk of the font
engine) on a black background, so the text is there but the background
is the wrong colour.  Looking at Firefox the background should be
light grey - my suspicion is that the light grey is being created by
using the alpha channel, which I believe NetSurf ignores for


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