Form submission timeouts

Harriet Bazley lists at
Wed Aug 23 11:26:22 BST 2017

On 15 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
          Harriet Bazley  wrote:

> On 11 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
>           Dave Higton  wrote:
> > The numbers and the symptoms fit with it being an MTU problem.  I
> > had something like it a few years ago - unfortunately too long ago
> > for me to remember much about it or its solution.


> It doesn't (mercifully) seem to affect Netsurf's form submission on any
> other sites (e.g. I can still post blog entries).  Just pages on that one
> server/set of servers.
In fact, I'm still able to upload data of any length onto this same site
using the 'Drop file here' box (input type="file") - it's very specifically
the submission of form data via a multi-line text area in Netsurf that is
timing out.

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