Form submission timeouts

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Tue Aug 15 21:48:23 BST 2017

On 11 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
          Dave Higton  wrote:


> I apologies that my response here won't be as useful as I want it to
> be.
> The numbers and the symptoms fit with it being an MTU problem.  I
> had something like it a few years ago - unfortunately too long ago
> for me to remember much about it or its solution.
> Has anything changed recently about your internet provision (e.g. a
> new router, or service from a new provider), or something about the
> platform from which you're sending?

Nothing whatsoever has changed at this end. And that one specific site just
stopped working overnight, with no announcement of any changes and no new
features appearing.

It doesn't (mercifully) seem to affect Netsurf's form submission on any
other sites (e.g. I can still post blog entries).  Just pages on that one
server/set of servers.

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