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Tue Aug 15 21:52:11 BST 2017

On 11 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
          Rob Kendrick  wrote:


> Something that has bitten be before is where automatic path MTU
> discovery does not work (and I suspect it doesn't on RISC OS), and your
> ISP does not support end-to-end 1500 byte MTUs (many do not).
> The solution is to set your whole LAN's MTU to 1400 or similar, although
> setting it only on the RISC OS machines may be sufficient (and not
> needed on VirtualAcorn because that proxies Windows's IP stack which is
> full-featured and conforming) assuming the problem is only sending large
> packets, not receiving them.

I wouldn't know where to configure that, I'm afraid;  the network consists
of Ethernet cables emerging from our Virgin Hub and plugging into the RISC
OS computers and the printer.

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