Form submission timeouts

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Fri Aug 11 17:16:09 BST 2017

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>On 9 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
>          Harriet Bazley  wrote:
>> Currently I just get a time-out error after about twenty seconds if I
>> attempt to send messages of over 1,485 characters via a PM or a post of
>> more than 1,343 characters to a forum.
>I've since discovered that the site's document-editing feature is timing out
>as well.  Previously it was possible to do basic editing on the raw HTML of
>a previously submitted document via Netsurf - now you can edit but can't
>save the result. I haven't bothered testing to see what the triggering
>length on this feature is since an HTML page of under 1K in total length is
>never going to be of much use in practice...
>So it looks as if all multi-line text icons are being affected.

I apologies that my response here won't be as useful as I want it to

The numbers and the symptoms fit with it being an MTU problem.  I
had something like it a few years ago - unfortunately too long ago
for me to remember much about it or its solution.

Has anything changed recently about your internet provision (e.g. a
new router, or service from a new provider), or something about the
platform from which you're sending?

I used to think that the MTU had no practical effect - above this
value, packets would be automatically fragmented and equally
automatically re-assembled.  But my lesson was that it doesn't
work like I thought.

You might try looking at the various interfaces along the network
to see if the MTU of any of them can be altered.

If anyone reading this thread can shed any light on MTU issues,
how to diagnose them and how to fix them, it would be very


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