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Thu Aug 10 01:07:11 BST 2017

On 9 Aug 2017 as I do recall,
          Chris Young  wrote:

> On 09/08/2017 17:21, Harriet Bazley wrote:
> > Over the last couple of days, Netsurf has unexpectedly started timing-out
> > when you attempt to send messages of more than a certain length via the
> > website, either via the user forums or the PM system.


> > I've looked at Netsurf's logs, but the failed attempts aren't showing any
> > error messages other than a 20-second gap.   There were site-wide problems
> > with the forums recently, but this particular issue doesn't seem to be
> > affecting anybody else.
> >
> > Do these specific byte lengths suggest anything to anyone?
> >
> >
> Maybe similar to ?
> Set suppress_curl_debug:0 in Choices and have another look at the log file.
It does sound a bit similar, but the only effect of setting
suppress_curl_debug:0  appears to have been to lengthen the timeout period:

(12.430000) desktop/browser.c:2105 browser_window_navigate: Loading ''
(12.430000) content/fetchers/curl.c:324 fetch_curl_setup: fetch 0x749465b0, url ''
(20.060000) content/content.c:382 content_destroy: content 0x748be850
(44.200000) content/fetchers/curl.c:867 fetch_curl_process_headers: HTTP status code 200
(44.220000) content/fetchers/curl.c:1040 fetch_curl_done: done
(44.220000) content/fetchers/curl.c:799 fetch_curl_stop: fetch 0x749465b0, url ''
(44.230000) content/content.c:76 content__init: url -> 0x747c9b40

The first 8 seconds are me dropping my pre-prepared message into the reply
form; the next 24 seconds are the browser waiting for curl to fetch; after
that, it's busy rendering the error page.   :-(

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