Form submission timeouts

Harriet Bazley lists at
Wed Aug 9 17:21:11 BST 2017

Over the last couple of days, Netsurf has unexpectedly started timing-out
when you attempt to send messages of more than a certain length via the website, either via the user forums or the PM system.
PMs have an official site limit of 8000 characters (and I've successfully
sent messages of up to this length before) and so far as I recall the forum
post size limit is 9,999 characters.

Currently I just get a time-out error after about twenty seconds if I
attempt to send messages of over 1,485 characters via a PM or a post of
more than 1,343 characters to a forum.  This is quite limiting when
attempting to reply to other users -- especially as the site rules prohibit
sending more than one post in succession!

Request Timeout

This request took too long to process, it has been timed out by the server.
If it should not be timed out, please contact the administrator of the
website to increase the 'Connection Timeout' time allotted.

I've looked at Netsurf's logs, but the failed attempts aren't showing any
error messages other than a 20-second gap.   There were site-wide problems
with the forums recently, but this particular issue doesn't seem to be
affecting anybody else.

Do these specific byte lengths suggest anything to anyone?

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