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Nick Roberts tigger at orpheusinternet.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 18:30:17 BST 2017

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> On 23/11/16 09:58, Harriet Bazley wrote:
> > On 23 Nov 2016 as I do recall,
> >           Jim Nagel  wrote:
> >
> > > Does NetSurf not save its hotlist and history till the user quits
> > > the program?
> > > 
> > No, it doesn't.
> As of CI build #4070, the hotlist file is saved shortly after URLs
> are added / removed.

Can you just confirm that Netsurf doesn't save the file if there is an
external hotlist manager? I've just had a play with build #4070 and
this seems to be the case, but confirmation would be nice.

If so, I can fix BookMaker to allow saves even if Netsurf is running.

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