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> I can't seem to access the Paypal transactions at all, even using
> the old workaround of the 'classic' Paypal site or by using the direct
> transaction link from the eBay listing.   I'm just getting a blank page,
> which makes it rather difficult to print off shipping labels and very
> difficult to know what my current balance is!
> Has something changed recently?

Turning JavaScript *off* seems to help - I can then access my transaction
history using the old link of , having done the
'invisible log-in', which has been an issue for a long time (it logs you in,
but appears not to have done so since it reopens the log-in screen

The elements that retain the cgi-bin links still seem to work;
unfortunately a lot of the internal links have been changed/redirected to
point to the new site, which seems to be entirely JS-driven and shows blank
pages.   Thus I can *add* money to Paypal from my bank account
("?cmd=_flow"), but can't withdraw it

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