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> The first 3 links off that all contain
> <link rel="stylesheet" href="../styles.css" type="text/css">
> which should align all the images right amongst other css.

> It did work fine and still does on Chrome - but there seems to be more
> to it! I've just tried with earlier versions back to 3709 and none
> work. 

> So I deleted Netsurf's cache - and it now works properly again! 

I wonder if naming your stylesheet "...styles.css" might be at the root
of this, if NetSurf already has a sheet with this, fairly common, name in
a cache might it cause confusion? I try to use 'unguessable' names for my
sheets, "...BJstyles.css" comes to mind.
Just speculating.


Brian Jordan
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RISC OS 6.20

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