history and hotlist not saved; CSS site

Jim Nagel netsurf at abbeypress.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 03:39:48 GMT 2016

Does Netsurf not save its hotlist and history till the user quits the 

Last night I was looking for tips on how to use CSS for something on 
my website, came across a wonderful site and immediately added it to 
my Netsurf hotlist.  An hour later, some other application froze and 
the computer had to be rebooted.

Today I wanted to return to that site about CSS, but there was no 
record of it in my hotlist.  Nor in my history.  Tried all sorts of 
searches via Google and Duckduck -- no luck.  Bereft.

Is there any way to make Netsurf save history and hotlist during a 
session?  Or am I misunderstanding something?

As for the site I lost, maybe somebody else knows it and could point 
me in the right direction.
 - Exceptionally clean design.  The bits of code within sentences were 
presented with a grey background.
 - Fine use of language, not cutesy or nerdy or commercial.
 - It had a surprisingly nifty name, one syllable I think, almost in 
the league of web.com or code.com -- so simple it made me wonder that 
the writers found it still available.
 - Further surprise when I got to a deeper page: it was a UK company, 
despite the ".com" domain, located somewhere like Shoreditch or 

Stop press:  Found it! It's  html.com

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