The Co-operative Bank

Richard Ashbery riscos at
Thu Nov 3 19:20:01 GMT 2016

In article <5f244fd955.boase at>, Bernard Boase
<b.boase at> wrote:
> After many years of simple and effective access using Netsurf,
> today it appears that the Co-op Bank has decided to insist on
> client-side code for which Netsurf's minimal Javascript support is
> inadequate.

One of the most annoying aspects of RISC OS. I can put up with not
having good fast image processing software, even up to date
illustration software but I can't do without a decent Javascript

Thoroughly frustrated and I'm not blaming the NetSurf team for this as
they can only spend limited time and resources on development. NetSurf
is actually a very competent browser for speed with reasonable
reliability but because of this fundamental issue it is rapidly
becoming unusable. 


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