Slow ?

Peter Slegg p.slegg at
Fri May 13 21:35:26 BST 2016

>Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 21:33:22 +0100
>From: Michael Drake <tlsa at>
>3242 was built without JavaScript for Atari.
>Michael Drake            

This may be more complex.

While there is a small slow down across versions:

 3242 5:15
 3427 7:24
 3457 6:30
 3537 8:28

I was testing by opening the page and then timing how long it takes to

When I got to 3537 I timed the initial load and then the reload.

Initial load: 4:10
Reload      : 9:29

The small change from the previous test of 3537 is probably due to page

I will do some more tests with other pages to see if the reload is
consistently slower.


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