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Jim Nagel netsurf at
Tue May 3 22:17:33 BST 2016

Gavin Wraith  wrote on 3 May:
> ... If you try
> nced.publisha  [as a single line]
> you will get a page that NetSurf can cope with ... .

Yaaaaay!  Thanks so much.  That goes immediately into my Hotlist, and 
probably also onto the Netsurf home page here, and also as a Hint&tip 
into Archive.

> I would be amazed if pleas for a Javascript-free interface did not
> fall upon deaf ears. ...

Oh, I had never imagined imploring BT to go JS-free, but I did imagine 
there might be some comparatively slight tweak that they could make so 
that at least their first-level buttons would work.

Jim Nagel              

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