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Wed Mar 30 07:12:26 BST 2016

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   Jim Nagel <netsurf at> wrote:
> What is it about the formatting of my local newspaper's web pages?

> Netsurf shows the main column of text so narrow that every line 
> requires horizontal scrolling.  Typical example:

> I find the least painful way to read the story is to save the whole 
> page as text and then read the textfile.

> Has the website programmer made some inept setting in the stylesheet 
> (CSS), or is Netsurf making some mistake or interpreting something too 
> literally?

> I presume browsers such as Firefox show what the designer intended.

It's interesting that Firefox 45.0.1 does display the the text okay, but
some of the site material down the Right hand side column is missing.

With both MS Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both the article and the
RH column material displays what appears to be correctly.



Dave Triffid

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