multi-core processors

Brian bbailey at
Sat Mar 26 14:28:34 GMT 2016

In article <mpro.o4n6y000qiel505ac.atdotcodotuk at>, Vince
M Hudd <atdotcodotuk at> wrote:
> Brian <bbailey at> wrote:

> > It does beg the question. What happens when NetSurf runs in VRPC on a
> > Win 7 machine with a multi-core processor? Does VRPC take advantage of
> > multiple cores?

> This isn't really a NetSurf question since you're asking about VRPC, so
> I'm reluctant to answer it here. I've therefore sent my reply to it to
> the VirtualAcorn mailing list.

> I'm not sure if you subscribe, so now that the message has appeared, it
> can be found in the list archive here:

Thank you. I was just curious.

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