unresizable web page (last bank standing)

Richard Ashbery riscos at gotadsl.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 15:34:33 GMT 2016

In article <89691e5c55.jim at abbeypress.net>, Jim Nagel
<netsurf at abbeypress.co.uk> wrote:
> Richard Ashbery  wrote on 5 Mar:
> > Now downloaded C1 #3433 and image displays correctly. Resizing
> > enlarges picture as expected. Text remains same size.

> Yes, here too, having newly updated to #3433.  So thanks to the
> Netsurf team for correcting whatever it was.

Would problem be associated with one of the third party apps.

I always use Fetch_NS to retrieve the latese NS release which I
suspect does the third party installation as well. I've just realised
I'm using an older Fetch_NS than I should - must update this.

Is there anyway of getting into the NASA site? All I get is a blank
page - presumably because it is Javascript rich Grhhh :-(

NS C1 #3433

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