Failure when receiving data from the peer

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Mon Jul 11 19:46:38 BST 2016

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> Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2016 13:04:48 +0100
> From: Jim Nagel <netsurf at>
> Subject: Re: Failure when receiving data from the peer
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> >>>
> Vincent Sanders wrote:
> >> I have retrived this page with and without javascript on gtk and
> >> framebuffer frontends without problem so i must conclude the issue
> >> lies with the Atari frontend.
> Chris Young wrote on 10 Jul:
> > It's working here too but I did notice that the page downloads *very*
> > slowly, so maybe it is just timing out?
> >    Try increasing curl_fetch_timeout and/or max_retried_fetches
> Chris didn't say what platform he's using.  But here on RiscOS (to my
> surprise) the page loads and displays quite quickly with Javascript
> off, a bit slower (I think) with Javascript on.  Netsurf #3538.

I added the following to my Choices file, I wasn't sure what value to


The ccr-explorers page then rendered successfully.

It would be nice to find what causes the slow Fetch on the



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