New Netsurf - improved Javascript stability

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Tue Sep 29 17:58:11 BST 2015

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>> Dave Higton  wrote on 21 Sep:
>> > I downloaded the latest CI build of NS yesterday.  There hasn't been
>> > one for quite a while.  I noticed that it doesn't crash when opening a
>> > sport page of the BBC News website, for example.  This is a big
>> > improvement.
>> > I think we're seeing evidence of big changes within Netsurf.
>> Anybody concur?
>> I'm on #2935 (Aug 25) and have been suffering a great many sites that
>> time out with no display at all.  Sometimes hourglassing goes on
>> forever and there's nothing for it but Alt-Break to kill Netsurf.
>> Some of these cases will succeed if I relaunch Netsurf, switch off
>> Javascript from its iconbar menu, and only then reload the site.
> Same here with #2964
I recently upgraded to #2964 from #2953 and AFAICS the 
javascript-enabled behaviour and functionality* is identical in both, 
and I too have the endless hourglassing behaviour unless JS is 
disabled. I don't mean to be downbeat or decry the efforts of the 
developers - NetSurf is a fine lightweight browser, better than any 
RISC OS alternative that I've tried**, and no doubt the developers 
would be the first to agree that javascript functionality is very much 
a work in progress.

(* virtually non-existent)
(** that doesn't include the recent Otter port)


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