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> Yesterday Google stopped working with Netsurf.

> Has anyone any cures or suggestions?

It still works if you put JS on - but, of course, that bu**ers up StreetMap.

Now more than ever we need that magic JS ON/JS OFF button people have been
asking for for yonks.

Perhaps if there was a simple handle to make NetSurf rescan its choices
(which there may well be!), a third party add-on just for RISC OS would be
possible by changing the choices file on the fly.

Or one of those "record your button presses and menu items" programs we
used to  have in the olden days.

Anyway, it's a pain having to do Menu, Choices, Content, Radio icon every
time you want to switch, and, as it's RISC OS-only problem, it's unlikely
to be fixed by the developers.

So, some more lateral thinking called for!


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