Font scanning issue

Bernard Boase b.boase at
Tue Jun 23 00:24:16 BST 2015

If a problem font is added to one's RISC OS system after Netsurf has 
established its RUfl_cache file, it seems that on next start-up 
Netsurf can hang the machine without having given any error 
information to help diagnose the problem.

When this happened to me, I'd forgotten that I'd added a font (but in 
any case had not suspected it to be faulty), and it wasn't until I 
deleted RUfl_cache that the font scanning progress bar could be seen 
again and therefore where it stopped immediately before the hang. This 
helped identify the suspect font.

Has anyone else had this experience? And could it be considered a bug 
that Netsurf can stall so unhelpfully during font re-initialisation?


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