Slashdot strangeness

Brian bbailey at
Sun Jul 26 06:56:27 BST 2015

In article <68c6ebe854.DaveMeUK at>,
   Dave Higton <dave at> wrote:
> I've noticed many times recently that sometimes, when I double-click
> the hotlist entry for Slashdot, the window opens, the throbber goes
> round, but nothing arrives, nor does it time out.  When this happens,
> if I click stop, put the caret in the URL bar and press Return, the
> page is fetched.

> Does anyone else see the same symptoms?  This is on an Iyonix, RO
> 5.22, 512 MiB RAM, and with various recent CI versions (I check for
> a new CI version daily) over at least 2 weeks.

> I am aware that Slashdot has had some problems recently (hardware
> failure), though I'd have thought they would be over by now.

> I haven't noticed any other site show these symptoms.  It doesn't
> happen every time.


> Dave

Yes, it does that here too. VRPC, RISC OS 4.02. 


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