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Sat Jul 4 13:48:32 BST 2015

Has anyone got Fetch_NS running on an ARMX6?

I have tried curl and wget. Neither does the job. Both do not open a task
window, so I cannot see progress and nothing appears to happpen. However
both cause an error window to open sometime after firing up.

With wget, the error is "Incorrectly formatted filename at line 24" but
what program is running is not stated and I have no idea where to look.

I have found that removing the Do from the line in !Run which reads:

TaskWindow "Do <Fetch_NS$App> <Fetch_NS$Url>LATEST <Fetch_NS$Opt>
<Fetch_NS$Choices>.LATEST" -wimpslot 2048k -name "Fetch LATEST file data"

allows the taskwindow to open. I'll keep probing.

Richard Torrens.
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