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>>> Brian and Gavin, would you be able and willing to try CI versions
>>> 2541 and 2542 with that site?  I suspect you'll find that 2541 is
>>> OK and 2542 not.
>> Yes, that is just what I found - with Rpi RO 5.21. I will revert to using
>> 2541.
>The evidence suggests that something went wrong between 2541 and 2542, and
>has remained wrong since.  I see that Michael Drake is on the case, so I'm
>sure it won't be long before it's resolved.

Many thanks. I like NetSurf and I am grateful for the team's continuing
efforts. I usually use the latest test version, with an older version
kept as reserve in case of trouble. Trouble is infrequent, but that might
be a reflection of the more limited scope of my browsing habits.

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