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On 19 Feb 2015  Tim Hill <tim at> wrote:

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>> I maintain the website of the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis
>> Society, at (NB I am only responsible
>> for the content, not the formatting). From time to time the site gets
>> seriously malformed in RISC OS NetSurf, and then a few days later goes
>> back to what is should be. Screenshots of this are at
>> as it should be in Chrome on
>> Windows and as it was
>> yesterday in NetSurf #2600, but it's back to how it should be this
>> morning! Same NetSurf build.

> That difference is CSS. Perhaps someone knows why NetSurf doesn't always
> seem to see their style sheet(s). I have seen this once or twice,  even
> in Windows browsers, when the CSS is missing or misnamed. Perhaps just a
> slow/busy server and NetSurf is impatient?

The CSS do seem to be causing the problem. Does NetSurf always fetch 
the components of a site in the same order? Knowledge of these things 
is beyond me.

>> I imagine this is the fault of the site rather than of NetSurf, but I
>> would value comments. (OT) If it is the fault of the site, I have a
>> feeling that they may be contravening guidance about website
>> accessibility for disabled people, and I would be interested in
>> comments about this also.

> Their cookie top bars are twee, one is superfluous and both are invisible
> to NetSurf but to answer your question:

The cookie bars are a pain, in that they keep returning every time I 
log in on Windows. Surely there should be a cookie to say that I have 
agreed. I'll nag the web team about this when I get a round tuit. At 
least as you say, I don't see them in NetSurf.


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