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Thu Feb 19 17:27:07 GMT 2015

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> On 19 Feb 2015  Dave Higton <dave at> wrote:

>> On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 08:01:50 GMT Peter Young wrote:
>>> I maintain the website of the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis
>>> Society, at (NB I am only responsible
>>> for the content, not the formatting). From time to time the site gets
>>> seriously malformed in RISC OS NetSurf, and then a few days later goes
>>> back to what is should be. Screenshots of this are at
>>> as it should be in Chrome on
>>> Windows and
>>> as it was yesterday in
>>> NetSurf #2600, but it's back to how it should be this morning! Same
>>> NetSurf build.

>> Isn't this what happens when a site doesn't respond quickly enough
>> and Netsurf times out getting later parts of the site?

>> (Not to blame the site for the delay - it could equally be any part
>> of the network between the site and NS.)

> That's an interesting thought, thanks. The site is very slow in
> rendering, even in Chrome; it gets very irritating sometimes, when I'm
> editing it.

Using VRPC on the iMac and NetSurf 2.9, the latest version that works 
in that platform, the site renders in 1.3s, and reloads in 0.2s using 
the old-fashioned cache. Firefox and Safari are all but instant on the 
same iMac.

On the Raspberry Pi with NetSurf 3.3 #2600 the site takes 30s and even 
then only renders in the cut down form. NetSurf 3.1, however, on the 
Raspberry Pi 2 renders fully in 3.2s.
David Pitt
OS4.39, VRPC, iMac

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