Malformed site (partly OT).

Alan Calder alan_calder at
Thu Feb 19 14:43:58 GMT 2015

In article <44f5489854.pnyoung at>, Peter Young
<pnyoung at> wrote:
> I maintain the website of the local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis
> Society, at (NB I am only responsible
> for the content, not the formatting). From time to time the site gets
> seriously malformed in RISC OS NetSurf, and then a few days later goes
> back to what is should be. Screenshots of this are at
> as it should be in Chrome on
> Windows and as it was
> yesterday in NetSurf #2600, but it's back to how it should be this
> morning! Same NetSurf build.


Seems to work just fine for me here using NS 3.2, Strongarm RPC with OS
4.39.  Tried it several times and always seems to come up OK.  Not sure
that all the functionality is there but the bits I tried seemed to work OK.


Alan Calder, Milton Keynes, UK.

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